Polyamid High Tenacity Yarn 6 and 6.6 High Tenacity


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Polyamid High Tenacity Yarn 6 and 6.6 High Tenacity

There are many types of nylons commercially available. The versatility of nylon makes it one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics.

Due to their high strength, break resistance, and other properties such as their bright luster, dyebility and resistance to humidity and other agents that destroy other textile yarns, high tenacity nylon yarns and cords are ideal for the following applications:

Highly resistant tows, twisted and plaited cords, and ropes in general.

Fishing nets.

Industrial fabrics used as reinforcements in the rubber industry and plastic fabrics for tents and furniture.

Sewing thread used in paper and polypropylene bags, leather articles and plastic reinforced fabrics.

Safety belts and narrow wovens.