Polyester Low Melt Fiber


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Polyester Low Melt Fiber

Low Melting Bonding Fiber:

  • Low Melting Bonding Fiber
  •  LMF, which is produced by bicomponent spinning of general polyester and modified polyester, can be melted at lower temperature(110~200℃) than normal fiber and bonded with other fibers.
  •  Excellent Bonding Properties
  • LMF provides diverse melting points generated through controlling seath part (modified polyester).
  • Excellent Durability
  • The bonding strength after being combined with other fibers hold out semipermanently.
  • Easy Mixing Properties with other Fibers
  • Homogeneous properties between LMF and various Fibers make blending easy on line.
  • Excellent Resilience
  • The formation of non-woven fabric made with LMF is simple and excellent.


  • Autumotive Use (Car-Interior, Doortrim)
  • Bedding (Mattress, Quilting, Padding)
  •  Industrial Use (Engineering Material, Construction Material Soundproofing, Insulation, Filter)
  • Hygienic Materials (Hygienic Bonding, Clothing)