Standard Fiber



Standard Fiber

Standard Fiber uses regenerated polyester fiber fills for many of its products, but also offers 100% virgin polyester fill. Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and safe, the regenerated polyester fiber is made from recycled plastic water bottles and performs equally as well as 100% virgin polyester for fills

also we can offer wide range of Polyester Staple Fiber. Developed by our experts using high quality raw material. We offer them at very economical price to our customers.
Polyester Staple Fiber
1.2D×38mm semi-dull Cotton textile (High-strength sewing threads) 1.4D×38mm semi-dull Cotton textile (high-quality yarns)

Our valuable clientele can avail from us a wide spectrum of Hollow Polyester Staple Fiber. We use high quality raw material and latest machinery in manufacturing process of our products.

7D/15D×64mm siliconized 3-dimensional hollow Filling
7D/15D×64mm 3-dimensional hollow Filling, spraying-bonded wadding 7D×64mm 3-d hollow, fireproofing 7D×64mm 3-d hollow, fireproofing
7D×64mm 3-d hollow, anti-bacterium Filling