Supported Metallic Yarn


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Supported Metallic Yarn

Supported metallic yarns (MX type) are produced by using two yarns one in S and one in Z to give a balanced twist factor. These are predominantly 20 denier nylon or polyester supported yarns.
Metallized yarns with glossy effect for use in the production of fashion textile goods and technical fabrics.

Metallic yarn is a synthetic yarn that has a metallic appearance. It contains certain metal elements, which provide it with gloss and at the same time stability and tension. Metallic yarn, also called alu-metallized polyester yarn, covers a broad range of possible use.

150D_Pure_Gold_Metallic_Yarn GoldRush-MetallicTape fio metalizado com alma maquina fio metalizado com alma ms_type_flat_yarns_for_weight_production_process_with_caustic_soda